I heard of Lori Meyer through a friend of a friend, who described her as a strong but reasonable lawyer that would defend my rights without causing unnecessary conflict. During the difficult and painful moment of my divorce, I needed help and advice settling the administrative issues, but I could not tolerate more conflict and pain between me and my former partner. That is exactly what Lori achieved: for us to navigate a terribly painful process in a calm, organized, peaceful, but still just process. She told me of rights I did not know I had, and helped me envision a future in which I emerged stronger and more independent legally, financially, and emotionally. Her role was so positive and organized that my ex and I even signed the paperwork together in her office, offering us a space for grief and closure that now I understand was necessary and important. I will be forever grateful to have had her defending my case and more importantly, helping me find a path to solve my separation in the most pain-free, conflict averse way possible. 

— Anonymous
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