Divorces are challenging on multiple fronts: emotional, financial, energetic, and more—and I am so deeply grateful to have found and partnered with Lori Meyer on mine. While I interviewed several lawyers, once I talked to Lori, I knew she was the one. From the jump, she was personable and empathetic, strategic and whip smart, and brought a human touch that made the process not just bearable—but even a little bit exciting.

I found Lori when I was at one of the lowest periods of my life and really couldn’t see my way out. But bit by bit, through each conversation, she gave me strategic advice on not just my divorce, but also on how to detangle myself from the financial and emotional mess that my ex-partner and I had created: she showed me the tunnel, the light at the end of it, and helped me get there.

Lori’s background in finance and accounting were also vital assets in dealing with complicated business matters—including collaborating with my corporate lawyer—and she was a savvy negotiator in helping me secure the best deal. Yet she didn’t overly dwell on the finances: She considered my financial and emotional well-being and provided sound guidance on how to balance both, helping me get out of a troubling situation with the least amount of emotional harm. She felt more like a coach than a lawyer. For that, I’m so grateful.

Finally, Lori is just a blast to talk to. Shocking but true: I started looking forward to chats about my divorce, and we laughed a lot through the whole process which, in my opinion, is the best way through. I can’t recommend Lori enough.

— P.L.
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