I had dealt with a high-powered law firm that helped me navigate a complicated business transaction; I had reached out to them for a divorce attorney referral and they recommended Lori. At the time, I had a divorce attorney, but I was losing my case. I decided to cut ties with him completely and hire Lori.

Fighting the case on its merits, while that sounds great, is an idealistic point of view. Lori seemed to understand things my previous attorney did not and was operating on multiple fronts to see the case through to success. While representing me on the matters at hand, she set-up caveats and back-up plans by filing motions in the courts that compelled the judges (yes there were multiple) to address my case on its merits rather than look for ways to dismiss it and clear it off their calendar. It seemed as if my previous attorney could only think one-chess move ahead, whereas Lori was 3 chess moves ahead on each of three games. Specifically, her actions of getting my family court case dropped in favor of it being heard in the Supreme Court completely changed the outcome.

There is no hyperbole in me saying that Lori significantly changed the course of my life. I truly don’t know what I would have done had she not worked on my behalf to get a fair deal. She was the perfect mix of tenacity on the tasks while being compassionate toward me. Maybe to some that may not seem necessary but this process is emotional and lengthy. She somehow is not desensitized to the emotional process it can be for the client. I am so grateful for her.

— J.M.
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